Electric motors and. drives

What distinguishes an electric motor?

Electric motors are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Today, they are used in many areas of industry and it is hard to imagine everyday life without them. An electric motor has the particular advantage that it does not emit any exhaust gases. It is suitable, for example, for operating forklift trucks, cranes and machines such as electric saws and drills. The speed of an electric motor is variable.

What types of electric motors are there?

Electric motors are divided into DC motors and AC motors. A DC motor consists of a static magnet and a rotating magnet. The rotor rotates with its magnetic field through the immovable magnetic field of the stator. It generates an alternating voltage, which is converted into pulsating DC voltage by an inverter. The stator and rotor are also installed in a three-phase motor. The static magnetic field, however, is generated in this electric motor by three circular coils.

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