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We have been running for more than 30 years > Used machines , plants and industrial inventories and are your competent machine market partner. In our online shop you will find for example. Electric and geared motors, Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical products milling machines Lathe, Blade machine, Workshop accessories and Machine accessories.


Large range for all machine operators

We are one of the largest onlineshops for used machines in Europe, and can offer satisfied customers at home and abroad in all industries, such as shipbuilding, the energy sector, municipal utilities, the food industry, medical technology and, of course, metal and mechanical engineering, as well as the craft. In short: All manufacturing companies can find a wide range of spare parts for minimal downtimes. Overproduction.

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Below we also present our two new additions from Kodak and Polaroid.
The ideal companions for assembly, when you want to do without cumbersome petrol-powered generators and a reliable power supply is needed quickly.



Kodak Portable Battery
Battery capacity: 1500 Wh
Power: 1000 W
Delivers AC and DC voltage

Polaroid Portable Solar Panel
Solar panel
Output 18 / 36 V ( 100 W )
Ideal for charging the PPS1500

Kodak PPS1500Polaroid SP100

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